Foundations exhibition

How this works:

  • Choose one of your strongest works from the semester to include in the show. One work per class from current semester
  • Bring your work to class next Tues. 5/2
  • Come as a class to the big SoA Gallery
    • receive some basic advice from me and install the work yourself
  • Attend the opening reception (food/snacks provided)
  • The school will be awarding $600 from Jack and Dora Tippens to support a promising artist. Winners will be announced during the show
  • Take work home at the conclusion, work must be down that weekend.

Some important info:

  • Clean up the work for presentation (smudges, laying flat, etc.)
  • Properly label the work (submission forms, and labels available at gallery next week)
  • Hang work professionally – level and straight (levels, tape measures, pins, clips, available at gallery)
  • Evenly space adjacent work for consistency and continuity
  • Evaluate and make changes to groupings as a whole for visual appeal

Opening reception will be held next Wednesday, May 3, 5-7pm.


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