Project 2.2

ACTION 2.2 (a)

Grab Bag:

Take a sheet of 11”x15” Stonehenge paper.

Create 1” margin on each side.

Take an instructional rule from the grab bag and draw the instructed diagram on your paper with pencil. Size and placement of the object is up to you unless instructed.

Take a clear picture of your drawing with the rule for your blog post.

After taking the picture, put the paper back into the grab bag and pick another one. If you picked the same rule again, put it back in the bag and pick another one. Follow the instructions and add another object (s) on the same paper with pencil.

Repeat this process at least ten times. Do not forget to take pictures after each addition to your drawing.

Once done, you may now ink your drawing using markers. Think about adding texture and value to emphasize the push and pull in your overall composition. Your work area should be 9”x13” at the end.

ACTION 2.2 (b)

Digital design:

You will use the same set of rules applied to your previously hand-crafted design and create a completely new and fresh design in Graphic app.

Dimensions for the work area should be the same as above, 9”x13”.

You can add color to this part of the project.


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