Project 1.3

Bring in the Human element

Starting from your gestalt principles designs, recreate/reenact these designs utilizing a human element (such as your hand, arms or full body). Your final designs will be printed in a black & white square format along with your gestalt principle design. Make at least 10 compositions so we can pick the best five for the final physical portfolio.

Over the weekend, go to someone’s blog (who’s work you have not seen before) and leave a comment (creative solutions, what gestalt principle was used, how can this design be better etc).

10 Designs due on your blog 2/10

Later on, you will print your final four designs, print and paste them on your Stonehenge paper. This will be your page 4 of PIB. And one design will be printed large and will be your page 5 of PIB.

Examples for page 4:


Examples for Page 5:


Due 2/14


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